Project History

A sampling of  completed projects...

Maunalua Bay Parking & Washdown Improvements - Hawaii Kai, HI - DLNR
Construction and installation of new concrete pad and washdown facilities for boats 
and ocean vessels at scenic Maunalua Bay. Removal and replacement of asphaltic 
concrete road and parking area pavement. Work included new water system 
improvements, grading, base, paving, sealing and striping.

Skyline High School Expansion - Issaquah, WA - Issaquah School District
Site demolition and civil engineering improvements to accommodate a major renovation to the existing school. Improvements included new Gymnasium, locker room facilities, and three story Classroom wing.All utilities were upgraded including the addition of a new storm drain detention system. Parking lots were expanded and re-surfaced. Flatwork and bus lanes were removed and replaced. Turn lane added to entrance of school.

154th Street Light Rail Station - Tukwilla/Seatac, WA - Sound Transit Authority
Major cut and fill operation for STA regional elevated light rail station from 154th to
MLK Blvd. Operations included 10 inch water main relocation and all site improvements.
Storm and sewer systems, retaining wall. Excavation/Embankment 35,000+ cy.

Issaquah Transit Center - Issaquah, WA - Sound Transit / Harbor Pacific
Completed site work for four story parking and transportation facility. Excavation and fill of 30,000 cy building excavation, all wet utilities, and construction of 14th Avenue NW. Also included a wetland mitigation at Lake Sammamish Park.
Federal Way Transit Center - Federal Way, WA - Sound Transit Authority
Site improvements for 5 story parking facility. 65,000cy cut/fill, 42 inch storm line plus a 2 acre storm detention tank including complete storm water management system, sewer, fire service, and 8 inch water main.

Waikele 7 & 8 Affordable Housing - Waipahu, HI - Schuler Homes
Grading and site improvements for 214 homes including all retaining walls both CMU and the large stone entrances. Sewer, water, storm drain, street lights/elec/tel, curb & gutter, and paving.

Waikele 6 Affordable Housing - Waipahu, HI - Schuler Homes
Grading and site improvements for 56 homes including all sewer, water, storm drain, street lights/elec/tel, curb & gutter, and paving. Project also included the relocation of an 18" sewer main trunk line. Pipeline was concrete encased.

Waikele 14 Affordable Housing - Waipahu, HI - Schuler Homes
Grading and site improvements for 220 homes including all sewer, water, storm drain, street lights/elec/tel, curb & gutter, and paving. Project included the construction of the main arterial road fronting the project.

King County Communication Center - Seattle, WA - King County
All site improvements for the new Metro Transit Communications Building. Infrastructure work included grading, foundation excavation, slab preparation, storm drain retention system, sewer, water, fire protection supply lines And curb & gutters. Considerable amounts of unsuitable soil material was encountered and removed.
NOSC Fire Suppresion System - Spokane, WA - NAVFAC
Renovation of an existing fire suppression system at the Naval Operations Support Center by updating and up-grading existing hydrants, and valving. Removal and replacement of existing sidewalks, and new building entry ways. Project included upgrades to safety monuments and partial replacement and painting of existing devices.
River Ranch on the Little Spokane - Chatteroy, WA - Waikuleana, LLC
Complete turnkey development of a luxury gated community of gentleman rancher lots. All improvements were completed with little or no impact to the environmentally sensitive woodland property. Sub-division improvements included nature pathways along the Little Spokane River.

Waikoloa Paniolo Estates Phase I - Waikoloa, HI - Schuler Homes
Site improvements for 263 single family homes. Scope of work included mass grading, sewer, water, storm water, elec/tel/street lights, curb & gutter and paving. Excavation of 140,000 cubic yards of lava rock. Major off-site sewer main extension.

Kahale Mua Affordable Housing Project - Molokai HI - Hawaii Housing Authority
Served as General contractor for the construction of a four acre, 57 unit Clustered low income housing complex. The Johnson company performed all civil engineering improvements. As well as framing and building construction. Built a new recreation hall and meeting facility.

Auburn Nissan - Auburn, WA - Butch Whitehead / Lugo
Construction of all infrastructure for a new Nissan automobile dealership. Work included new construction of 35th Street from Auburn Way to I Street. All grading, preload import and export, sewer, water, storm drain, dry utilities, curb, and paving.

Palau State Park - Molokai,  HI - State Of Hawaii
Replacement of State Park water system including reservoir tanks, pump house, piping, chlorine injection system and de-silting basin.

Woodland Park Zoo - Seattle, WA - City Of Seattle
Completed all infrastructure work for the construction of the new Carousel House. Tasks include all grading, sewer /water /storm drain, and fire protection extensions.

Elk Mountain Resort - Montrose, CO - Lugo Construction
Site improvements for the development of a luxury firearm resort and hotel. Work included the installation of multiple professional competition quality skeet fields and Olympic firing ranges. Also complete site improvements and various structure improvements and the installation of a completely independent on-site five star rated urban assault training facility.

O'Reilly's Auto Parts - SeaTac, WA - O'Reillys / RSI
Complete civil site work package for a new 10,000 sf retail store. Includes soil pile foundation support, elevated detention pond, sewer /water /storm drain and electrical, fire protection system.

Waikuleana - Honolulu, HI - Emma International, Inc.  
Site Improvements for 88 single family homes. This project is built on a steep grade.
Required extensive soil stabilization using lime treatment of existing clay materials to establish a healthy structural section. Excavation of 204,200 cubic yards. Included all utilities including new 60" storm drain, sewer, water, elec/tel/gas/street lights, curb & gutter, paving and project long interceptor ditch. Considered a landmark project in Hawaii for its introduction of soils stabilization.

Bridle Heights - Kirkland, WA - Actec Construction
All site improvements for 20 unit subdivision. Grading, retaining walls, storm drain, sewer, water, dry utilities, street lights, curb and gutter, paving and all roadway improvements. Major offsite utility and road improvements.

Garden Terrace - Federal Way, WA - Don Kirkman & Associates
Site Improvements for construction of Life Care Alzheimer Treatment Facility. Grading included 42,000 cy cut/fill, storm drain, water, sewer, storm detention vault, dry utilities, and paving. Tasks also included foundation excavation and slab preparation.

Nazari Short Subdivision - Redmond, WA - Mehrdad Nazari
Complete turnkey improvement project for small private plat. Included the construction of164th Court NE. Installation of sealed detention pond, and all utilities including sewer, storm drain, water, gas, telephone, electric, and cable.

Windham Ranch II - Orangevale, CA - Ryland Homes
Site improvements for 15 acre subdivision. All infrastructure including grading, storm drain, sewer, water, paving, curb and gutter. Completed work also included the  re-alignment and vertical grade adjustment of a quarter mile long section of the existing Chestnut Avenue. As well as the installation of new water services for the existing homes surrounding the project. Boring of the existing frontage road for gas installation was also included.

Sterling Warehouse - Puyallup, WA - Asia Pacific Properties
Complete site package including all grading, sewer, water, storm drain, paving, and flatwork. Including the five hour completion of a 70,000 sq. ft. concrete slab utilizing the latest in laser screed technology.

Silica Sand Surface Mine - Georgetown, Guyana - Gulf Minerals, LLC
Construction and operation of a technical grade silica sand mine including the installation of several water wells and the construction of a deep water pier. Docking facility was approximately 200 yards long on the Demerara River in the jungle just south of Georgetown.

Melemanu 808 Reservoir - Mililani, HI - Towne Realty of Hawaii, Inc.
Work included the mass excavation of a rock mountainside, new access road, all mechanical and site improvements for the installation of a one (1) million gallon reservoir serving new developments in the Waipio Valley area.

Maywood Elementary School - Bothell, WA - Bothell School District
Site improvements for the renovation of entire school grounds and the construction of a new library building. Included all underground utilities, roadway improvements, and storm water detention tanks. Scope of work was doubled after beginning, yet original two-month schedule was met.

Alderwood Mall Expansion - Lynwood, WA - Lugo Construction
Turnkey construction of all onsite improvements. Work included the demolition of all existing structures,mass and fine grading, storm drain detention system, construction of retaining walls, rockeries, paving, retaining walls, landscaping, curb, sidewalks, and area lights.

NCC Greenlake Condos - Seattle, WA - NCC Greenlake
Excavation of 28,500 cu. yd. contaminated soil for the construction of five story condominium building with underground parking. Installation of sewer, storm drain, and detention system.

Cross Docks Facility - Auburn, WA - Lugo Construction
Loading dock and storage expansion. Pavement removal, import, fill and grade new loading dock foundation, storm drain removal and upgrade, relocate existing utilities.

Best Storage Facility - Puyallup, WA - Gary Sabin
Site improvements for 400 unit storage facility. Included all grading, sewer, water, and storm drain. We also installed the footings and slabs.

Pheasant Ridge - Redmond, WA - Actec Construction
Construction of custom home sites and all related infrastructure. Installation of offsite utility lines and connection of new road to existing homes.

Renton Assembly Of God School - Renton, WA - Renton Assembly Of God Church
All civil improvements for construction of school, including mass excavation, fine grading, storm drain, sewer, water, utilities, retaining walls, rookeries and emergency fire service roads.

Texaco / Taco Bell - Seattle, WA - Rock Enterprises
Demolition of existing facilities, excavation and removal of contaminated materials. Grading, sewer, storm drain, water, and installation of detention system for small commercial complex.

Vista Valley Golf Course - Vista, CA - Recreation, Inc.
Site improvements for 60 homes including the relocation of three major aqueducts for two local water utility companies.

SeaTac Airport Sewer Expansion - Seattle, WA - Port Of Seattle
Multiple terminal tarmac sewer extensions including the installation of associated industrial grease trap vaults and SS manholes.

Triana Apartments - La Jolla, CA - Fredricks Development
All site improvements for the construction of a 392 unit apartment complex with underground parking. Included the unique construction of a 12"sewer mainline built through a 48" pipe tunnel for maintenance access under the buildings.

Mission Bay Accessibility Phase III - San Diego, CA - City Of San Diego
Reconstruction of public facilities to meet ADA accessibility standards. Sites included museums, theaters, beaches and parks.

Las Flores Apartments - La Jolla, CA - Lincoln Properties
Construction of site improvements for a 365 unit apartment complex. Construction included major excavation and soils stabilization of all roads and property easements. Utility improvements included all water, sewer, storm drain, and dry utilities.

Diamond Ridge - Dana Point, CA - Stearns Development
The excavation and reconstruction of an unstable hillside in Dana Point. Included the excavation of a 30 vertical foot keyway and the construction of a 60 vertical foot buttress using cement treated soil stabilization with a crib block retaining wall.

Super 8 Hotel - Sparks, NV - Creative Financial, Inc.
Turnkey construction of a 3 story, 102 unit hotel. All site improvements and building.

Motel 6 - Oceanside, CA - Motel 6, Inc.
All site improvements including foundations, grading, sewer, water, and fire protection system.

Casa Baya - Valley Center, CA - P.I. Berry
Remodeling of existing structures and redevelopment of all surrounding infrastructure. Included major excavation and embankments of roads and property easements. All utilities including water, sewer, storm drain, and dry utilities.

Bridgecreek - Vista, CA - Smith & Associates
Turnkey development of 57 Unit Townhouse project. All general engineering and building improvements.

Mayer Environmental - Beaumont, CA - The Mayer Group
All site improvements for the construction of a 154 unit apartment complex. Included the widening and improvement of city roadways leading to the project.

Mayer Environmental - Perris, CA - The Mayer Group
Construction of all utilities including a complete sewer and water system. Also constructed a high capacity underground pump station to service the development of a 256 unit apartment complex as well as a 40 unit single family pre-designed residence subdivision. Work also included improvements to the existing city sewer system.

Escondido Business Park - Escondido, CA - Dunn Properties
Site improvements for a 30 unit tilt-up office and warehouse facility.

Tract 77-36 - Vista, CA - Ausman Development
Construction of 23 custom home sites and all related infrastructure.

Grapevine - Vista, CA - Ausman Development
Turnkey development of 26 Unit Subdivision. All general engineering and building improvements.

Loyalton Museum - Loyalton, CA - City Of Loyalton
General contractor to construct a museum and facilities. All site improvements and building.

Scenic Ridge Phase III & IV - Oceanside, CA - Ved Development
Site improvements for 85 homes. Excavation of 1,250,000 cubic yards of dirt. All site storm drains, water, and utilities.

110 Unit Migrant Housing - Dixon, CA - State Of California
Turnkey development of a 110 single family home subdivision. Included the construction of all buildings and installation of all infrastructure.

Escondido / 78 Business Park - Escondido, CA - MQ Construction
Site improvements for a 30 unit tilt-up office and warehouse facility.

Kaiser Permanente Medical Building - Hollywood, CA - Morrison Knudsen Company
Excavation and export of raw materials for the construction of a six story medical complex with a seven story underground parking facility. Challenges included the trucking of dirt over the streets of Beverly Hills.

Coral Pointe - Beverly Hills, CA - Morrison Knudsen Company
All excavation and export for the construction of a six story parking lot with shops.

Bayview Ridge - Kaneohe, HI - Houei Hawaii
Site improvements for 31 luxury view homes overlooking beautiful Kaneohe Bay. Excavation of 16,110 cy All site-work including storm drain, water, sewer, dry utilities,  and road improvements. Pump station with holding tank. Work included the construction of a stabilization embankment with Hawaii's first use of a designed crib block retaining wall 14 VF by 420 LF.

Kaui Place Estates - Maili, HI - Kaui Kai Homes, Inc.
Development of 11 unit custom housing subdivision. Construction of 'Plantation' style homes and all site improvements. Construction of Halemaluhia Place.

Wikao 16" Water Main - Mililani, HI - Towne Realty of Hawaii, Inc.
Installation of 3,500 LF of 16" watermain trunk line on Wikao Street. All vaults and appurtences were also constructed.

Kaneohe Marine Corp Air Station - Kaneohe, HI - U.S. Navy
Installation of a monitoring well network for new landfill. Also improvements to storm drain.

Evergreen Terrace- Mililani, HI - Towne Realty of Hawaii, Inc.
Excavation and site improvements for a 52 unit development in Waipio Valley.

Hickham AFB Road Re-construction - Honolulu, HI - U.S. Army / Hawaiian Bitimuls
Hawaiian Bitumuls, MarTec Corporation, U.S. Air Force The Reconstruction of existing roadways. Pulverized the existing AC and mixed with the existing base course to create a new road foundation. This recycling eliminated the need to remove and export old pavement.

Pacific Heights Storm Drain Replacement - Honolulu, HI - City & County Of Honolulu
Demolition and replacement of existing RCP storm drain and DIP water main on Pacific Heights arterial road. Excavation consisted of solid rock.

Nimitz Elementary School Accessibility - Honolulu, HI - City & County Of Honolulu
Site, drainage and flatwork improvements.

Mailiilii Road 12" Waterline Phase I - Maili, HI - Honolulu Board Of Water Supply
5,200 lf 12" water main and road restoration including 150' bridge crossing attachment.

500,000 Gallon Water Reservoir - Honolulu, HI - Emma International, Inc.
Excavation of blue rock hillside and placement of moss rock retaining walls. Installation of new 500,000 gallon water tank including all piping and offsite improvements tying into existing water system. Installation of off-site water lines and upgrade of existing pump station.

Honolulu Zoo Rhinoceros Enclosure - Honolulu, HI - City & County Of Honolulu
Construction of earthen  and structural barriers to separate rhinoceros and giraffes. Part of the new Savannah Wildlife display.

Pepper Hill Estate - Kailua, HI -  Pepper Hill, LLC
Grading and underground for a luxury hillside residence. Included 30,000 cy of import.

AES Barbers Point Flyash/Sludge Recycling - Ewa, HI - City & County Of Honolulu
Mixing fly ash with sewer sludge to produce acceptable fill materials.

Wahiawa Corporate Yard UST Removal - Wahiawa, HI - City & County Of Honolulu
Removal of obsolete fuel tanks and associated contaminated soils. Importation of replacement materials and restoration of yard.